We transmit the image of the company

The objective of the corporative communication is transmitting a series of ideas and concepts related with the company. It is very important taking into consideration that everything in the organization communicates: employees, collaborators, as its structure, processes, strategies and decisions. Each worker is a potential corporative communication agent, both in and outside the company.

A corporative communication plan has as mission establishing the content frame for communicating in which the company need to move. The purpose is no other than giving coherence and consistency in the messages that the organization announces and leading the communicative activity.

In order to have and effective corporative communication, it is essential for the directive to understand that both the speaker and the recipient can communicate

In bigBite we work on the corporative communication based on those five basic sections:

  • Determine the key communication aspects of the company
  • Identify and administrate the fundamental means and basis for the mentioned communication
  • Ensure the right functioning of the processes and communication channels of the organization
  • Determine and prioritize the objective publics of our communication
  • Control and measure everything related with the internal and external communication

We help you develop an identity allowing you acting in a more competitive way in your sector, building your image, the corporative behavior and the most adequate communication tone for your objectives. We analyze and detect your corporative communication needs for designing and executing the communication plan. We pretend our corporative objectives to be clear, attractive and coherent, reaching your audience and all your collaborators for them to feel they are part of the same project.

Corporative identity

With the image of the brand


Corporative and managerial social responsibility.

Strategic communication plans

both internal and external

Training for representatives

we offer training in communication techniques in public.